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How much is a human body worth?

How much is a human body worth?

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$ 6, 0 0 0, 0 0 0, 0 0 0, 0 0 0 – the notional value of a single human body!

  • The human brain has the storage capacity of 100 trillion bits of information over the course of 70 years, equal to 5,00,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which when stacked would be 442 miles high.
  • A fully formed human brain contains 100 billion neurons and gives off the equivalent power of a 20-watt light bulb.
  • The eye focusing muscles move around 1,00,000 times per day.
  • Nerve impulses to and from the brain can travel as fast as 170 mph.
  • The lung contains over 3,00,000 million capillaries.
  • Each kidney contains one million individual filters
  • 2,100 gallons of blood are pumped through 62,000 miles of blood vessels in a day
  • Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that enters your blood stream
  • 90% of all information is received by the eyes
  • The human heart can create enough pressure to squirt blood 30 ft.
  • A heart pumps enough blood in an average lifetime to fill the fuel tanks of 56 moon rockets
  • 8,000,000 new red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow every second

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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