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Apollo Expertise

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Dr. Prathap C Reddy launched India’s first corporate hospital, Apollo Hospital, in 1983 to provide patients with advanced treatments not available in India then. What followed was history. 36 years, 32 million patients, 72 hospitals, 10,000+ beds, 8,000+ doctors, 3,500 pharmacies, 750+ primary care and diagnostics clinics, 110 telemedicine centres and over 80 health insurance branches of Apollo Munich stand as testimony to what can be achieved with a commitment to excellence and a dedication to service.

On a typical day at Asia’s largest, most trusted healthcare group, 1,40,000 patients are treated. 8.000 health checks. 800 major surgeries, 3.000 emergency cases, 44 cardiac surgeries and several organ transplants and much more are handled. Apollo Hospitals Group is now inventing the future. At its core is the war against the tidal wave of Non Communicable Disease threatening the world with a nation-transforming preventive health program. It’s also a pioneer in induction of the latest technology platforms to empower its renowned doctors and specialists. Apollo Hospitals Group is now poised to reach out to the world with the highest global standards of healthcare.

Apollo Hospitals ProHealth Program is the culmination of over thirty-six years of expertise and experience. Apollo pioneered health checks in India and has conducted more than 20 million health checks. The precious and unique-to-India data thus generated, has been digitized and AI-enabled to bring powerful diagnostic insights to our preventive healthcare program.

In 2013, we started a pilot project in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, covering around 195 villages. A preventive healthcare program was run with outstanding results: hundreds of ‘disease-free diabetics’ and a stunning decline in cancer mortality, especially among women. Now the Apollo ProHealth Program covers over 2,00,000 Apollo employees and family members. The results have been astoundingly encouraging and are setting new benchmarks for the corporate health in India.

UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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