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Instructions for Personalised Health Check


  • Kindly have your last meal at least 8-10 hours before you come for the check and report on an empty stomach. You may drink water which may allow your bladder to fill so that we can perform the ultrasound of the lower abdomen. No other fluid is permitted (tea/coffee or juice).
  • We will offer you a complimentary breakfast after your health check.
  • You can collect the urine and stool sample container from your nearest Apollo Hospital/Clinic/Pharmacy and bring the first samples of the day along when you come for a checkup
  • Just to make sure we know your medical history completely, kindly carry your old medical records if you have any. (If you are on regular medication carry those along with you & inform receptionist/Physician about the same).
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and slippers as you may undergo various tests.(if the package has a TMT, please wear a pair of running shoes or sneakers)
  • Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo any X-Ray test. It is also advisable not to undergo any health check during your menstrual cycle

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