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Apollo Emergency Number - 1066
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Apollo Cancer Centre

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A decade after the establishment of India's first corporate hospital, Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, on 30th September 1993, Dr. Prathap.C Reddy launched a dedicated state-of-the-art facility for cancer care in the same city. Originally named Apollo Cancer Hospital, it commenced operations as a 45-bed unit with medical oncology and eventually other treatment modalities like surgical and radiation oncology were added to the overall cancer offering. Subsequently, the hospital was renamed the Apollo Speciality Hospital with the addition of another super specialty - Neuro Surgery. The facility has grown and is today a 300-bed multi specialty hospital with 42 oncology specialists. Dr. Reddy's mission has been to spread the message that Cancer is Conquerable. This ethos led to the establishment of 9 dedicated Apollo Cancer Hospitals across India that offer comprehensive cancer care. The Apollo Hospitals Cancer Group have over 125 surgical and radiation cancer specialists as well as diagnostic consultants. As the treatment of cancer involves tremendous physical and emotional strain, the hospital provides extra support to cancer patients by counselling them to stay positive and to eat right - thereby speeding up the recovery process. Specially trained medical counsellors, speech therapists, dieticians and other professionals, appropriate to each individual case, provide support to the teams of doctors. The measurable success that the hospitals have achieved in cancer care attract thousands of national and international patients each year who come from over 120 countries.


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