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Since its inception, Apollo Hospitals has seen three decades and each has brought with it, its own share of cherished memories.

2013 to 2014

The 1st Apollo International Forum on Infection Control (AIFIC) was organised on 5th and 6th January, 2013. This forum brought together some of the best renowned international and regional professionals in this field.


The 3rd International Congress on Patient Safety was held on the 6th and 7th September, 2013 at Hyderabad. The conference was hosted by the Apollo Hospitals Group and supported by ISQua, Joint Commission International, World Health Organization, Quality Council of India and other reputed organizations.


A Handholding Workshop on Patient Safety was organized at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi on the 12th and 13th April, 2013. It was supported by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), the Department of Hospital Administration at AIIMS, the INCLEN trust and BD as knowledge partners.


To highlight the clinical innovations at Apollo and what was new in Medicine around the world, Apollo initiated the publication of a quarterly report titled "Clinical innovation report" in April 2013 covering New in Medicine, New in Technology and News Highlights and Clinical Innovations from Apollo Hospitals.


To continue to motivate and recognize research orientation in our consultants, Adjunct titles of Professor and Associate Professor of AHERF were given to selected consultants across the group during the year 2013. Twenty one consultants were granted the titles. In pursuance of our policy for recognition of research papers published in journals with high impact factors, 41 papers were recognized in 2013.


Apollo Medicine is made available on Health Advance - A Mobile application to download and read the whole journal. New Sections such as Algorithms, Interesting Rare Case Pictures, Online CME, etc were added. "Apollo Medicine" was approved and included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai introduce Molecular diagnostic laboratory and cytogenetics.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai interventional radiologists perform BRTO - Retrograde balloon occlusion test for varices.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai interventional radiologists perform Cutting balloon angioplasty for carotid in-stent stenosis.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai introduces a rare case of combined surgery, a Joint replacement of left knee and right hip in a patient with ochronotic arthritis.


Apollo Speciality Hospital became the first to help with safe collection of stem cells from a volunteer donor from DATRI.


Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai is one of the few centers in India with facilities to search for a potential unrelated donor and offer transplantation. Also, In fact, the hospital has been instrumental in performing 50 such procedures over the past few years thus offering a unique opportunity for patients to get cured.


Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore use First Y shaped stent for tracheoesophageal fistula in the region.


Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore perform a rare procedure where Four autologous chondrocyte implantations were done.


Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore perform other rare procedures such as Spinal angiolipoma excision and Tibial tuberosity shift with MPSL reconstruction.


Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore perform a new medical treatment in the form of Coronary perforation treated with covered stent - hand made in cath lab.


Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore has the distinction of performing largest series of airway stents in the country.


Apollo Bangalore treated a patient with difficulty in walking due to a hip problem, through the Mini incision hip replacement. This innovative approach uses a cementless or cemented implant that grows into the bone.


A 97 year old female with Kyphosis and obstructive lung disease was successfully operated for Empyema Gall Bladder and Acute Calculus Cholecystitis by Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy performed by Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore .


Apollo Specialty Hospital at Jayanagar, Bengaluru performed a complicated rare complete elbow replacement surgery.


A 90-year old woman fully recovered from a stroke after she was treated with Thrombolysis at Apollo Delhi.


Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals successfully treated a 64 years old woman, who was suffering from three kinds of cancer - Uterus, Breast and Oesophagus.


A 68 Year old woman underwent Total Knee Replacement for both the knees using patient specific instrumentation at Indraprastha Apollo hospitals.


Bilateral total hip replacement surgery was done on a 29 year old Nigerian lady suffering from sickle cell disease at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.


A 110 year old Kashmiri patient successfully underwent surgery for stomach cancer at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.


A 16 year old girl suffering from scoliosis underwent a 7 hour surgery without blood transfusion at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.


Successful hip replacement at the age of 94 was performed at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.


Doctors at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital successfully treated the eleventh member of a Pakistani family for an orthopaedic problem.


The Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi was the medical partner of JPSI, organizer of India's fastest racing event, the 2013 Indian Grand Prix. Dr. Priyadarshini Pal Singh was nominated as the 1st Indian Chief Medical Officer for the event.


The Apollo Hospitals Group marked the 15th anniversary of its Liver Transplant program with a gathering of transplant patients and their family members at the hospital. The event was graced by the presence of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, who spoke on the wisdom of compassion to patients and staff of the hospital.


Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad in partnership with the 6th battalion of the National Disaster Response Force (NRDF) held an external disaster mega mock drill near the Narmada Main canal.


Apollo Health City, Hyderabad announced the successful completion of its 700th Cochlear Implant.


97 year old patient underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy for Emyema and Gangrenous cholecystitis at Apollo Bhubaneswar.


Coil embolization of left Lingual artery of a young Patient having Haemangioma who underwent Haemangioma removal was done by Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka.


Thrombus in IVC extending Bilateral Femoral Veins to the Right Atrium was successfully removed by Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka.


Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka, successfully performed a Redo Double Valve replacement for the first time in Bangladesh.


Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka implanted 3rd successful PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) device in November 2013.


Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka successfully performed an Aortic root replacement (Bentall Procedure) in a young male patient with Marfan syndrome. 10.5 cm ascending aortic aneurysm involving the root causing severe aortic regurgitation was repaired using a valved conduit with re-implantation of the coronary arteries.


Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka performed 7th successful Minimal Invasive ASD Closure.


Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Madurai perform a new medical treatment: Use of Skeletal Muscle relaxants in Oral Sub mucosal Fibrosis (Article Published in Indian Journal of Oto Laryngology and Head, Neck Surgery).


Sapien Biosciences has rolled out its first personalized medicine assay called "My Platelet" at Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad to determine patient's response to their blood-thinning medication and support decision-making by the cardiologists to personalize therapy for better outcomes. This is the only test in India that combines both genetic and platelet function response to enable tailored anti-platelet therapy for each patient. In 4 months, around 60 diagnostic tests have been undertaken and the same test is likely to be rolled out in other locations starting with Bangalore and Bhubaneswar.


Apollo Cradle's 'Natural is Priceless' Campaign has been honoured with the "Marketing Campaign of the Year" Award for its innovative strategy and execution by the CMO Asia Awards.


Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, Chennai has been honoured with the "Outstanding ICT -Innovation Award" by HIMSS Asia Pacific for its" I-SEE-U - Virtual Visits to ICU, enhancing Patient Care" initiative.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai wins the Golden Peacock Occupational Health & Safety Award for the year 2014, recognizing the hospital's pioneering journey in the healthcare sector.


The first simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas transplant in South India was conducted successfully by surgeons at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.


Taking the battle against cancer to the next level, Apollo Hospitals hosted the Apollo Cancer Conclave 2014, an international conference at Chennai aimed at improving cancer management not only in India but across the globe. The conclave saw the participation of experts in Oncology from all the top institutions of the world and delegates from over 14 countries.


"Healer: Dr. Prathap Chandra Reddy and the Transformation of India," authored by Pranay Gupte, veteran international journalist and published by Penguin, the world's largest publisher was launched by eminent persons across all the major cities.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully separated conjoined Twins from Tanzania, Ericana & Eluidi by a marathon 16 hour surgery.


Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully completed over 1000 robot-assisted surgeries.


Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Chennai successfully completed 1000 CyberKnife Radio Surgeries.


Apollo Hospitals co-hosted with the Healthcare Alliance, a conclave "The Future of Health Care: A Collective Vision" at New Delhi, which included deliberations and discussion amongst stalwarts of the healthcare industry, academicians, researchers and government representatives all with a shared goal to foster an enabling environment to nurture the next wave of innovation in healthcare.


2013 - Hospitals in, Vanagaram (Chennai),Jayanagar (Bengaluru) & Trichy.


2013 - Successfully completed 1,000 cases of Cyber Knife Radio Surgery.


2013 - Apollo Health City, Hyderabad performs revolutionary Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (Resurface) Surgery using OrthoGlide Medial Knee system.


2013 - Chennai surgeons successfully separated Tanzanian Pygopagus conjoined Twins and created history in the medical field - first time in Asia.


2013 - Apollo performs a double-lung transplantation on a patient suffering from a rare genetic condition known as the Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome - second in the world.


2014 - Apollo completed 500 Robotic Surgeries in FY14 using the Da Vinci Si System.


2014 - Thoraco Omphalopagus conjoined female twins from Tanzania were successfully separated at Apollo Children's Hospital.


2014 - Apollo Hospitals, Chennai successfully performed a Robotic surgery for Cancer base of the tongue, a first of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

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