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Total Health Programme

Total Health Programme

A Model Programme for 360-degree Health of Population.
A Step Closer to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Apollo is trying to bridge the disparity in healthcare arising from the variance in availability and access to healthcare between different regions of the nation, a testimony to which is its “Total Health Programme”.

Founded in year 2013, the “Total Health Programme” is India’s first integrated rural healthcare service delivery network, initiated by the Group. ‘Total Health’ connotes ‘Total well-being of an individual’, inclusive of physical, mental, ecological, and spiritual health.

The programme commenced in Aragonda, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, as a door-to-door survey, which was commissioned to study the health determinants of the community, based on the WHO’s ‘STEP’ approach. Till date, Apollo has reached 35,000 people of which 3,000 are under treatment for various diseases.

Echoing the Government’s emphasis on NCDs, one of the prime focus of this project has been an end-to-end approach to tackle diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, cancer and COPD, along with monitoring risk factors like smoking, chewing tobacco, nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

For effective disease management, a strong referral system has been created. The project has a scalable hub and spoke model, wherein members of the Aragonda community who require advanced treatment are referred from rural health centres and satellite clinics to the nearby Apollo’s Chittoor Medical College and Hospital. Till date, 30,000 people have been screened for NCDs, of which 972 patients are under management for diabetes and hypertension.

Apart from tackling NCD’s, Apollo plays a pivotal role in combating fatalities occurring from communicable diseases like tuberculosis. In partnership with the Chittoor District Tuberculosis Department, Apollo has been successful in screening 398 patients. 35 of them were found positive for AFB and 2 were HIV positive.

The enterprise is a strong supporter of Governments Health Programmes on Mother and Child Health. Six nutritional centres have been established, benefiting 70 and 128 pregnant and lactating mothers respectively. The message on the importance of Institutional delivery has been reiterated time and again, leading to a massive rise in institutional deliveries in Chittoor.

Considering Apollo’s holistic initiative to manage the health of a person from “womb to tomb”, it has been successful in providing solutions to lifestyle issues related to water, nutrition, sanitation, education, etc., through infrastructure development. Six RO plants supporting 18,000 people have been installed so far. Apollo has provided the Chittoor community with 700 toilets, declaring one of the villages open defecation free. To inculcate educational values in the community children, ISHA schools have been set up.

To promote overall wellness, Apollo has been at the forefront of integrating AYUSH system into the allopathic system of medicine, along with encouraging meditation, rural sports and exercising. Besides, to promote sustainability, livelihood initiatives have been taken up by Apollo. Vocational training centres facilitating skill development and trainings have been set up to empower women, who we feel are the backbone of society. A sure shot step to achieve SDGs and develop smart villages in India.

Apollo Health Programme
Apollo Total Health Programme
Apollo Health Programme
Apollo Total Health Programme
Apollo Health Programme
Apollo Total Health Programme

UPDATED ON 05/04/2021

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