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Across the Healthcare Spectrum

Across the Healthcare Spectrum

Across the Healthcare Spectrum

The Apollo Hospitals Group is the pioneer of integrated healthcare delivery in India. This vision led the group to earmark time and resources to strengthen each vital cog in the process of healthcare delivery. As a result of these efforts, the group today is in a unique position to exponentially increase its healthcare cover..

Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited

Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited

AHLL is one of the group’s most ambitious initiatives, incorporated to deliver family-focused primary healthcare services through branded Apollo clinics, across India and its neighboring countries.

AHLL clinics are equipped to provide a one-stop solution for the primary healthcare needs of the family, and provide tele-consultation, diagnostic and pharmacy services.

Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited, has established a network of over 100 Apollo Clinics across the country and one in Qatar. Apollo Clinics are committed to providing consistently superior quality healthcare services to address the day-to-day healthcare needs of the family. To maximize convenience and comfort, the Apollo Clinic is an integrated model and offers facilities for Specialist Consultations, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks and 24 hour Pharmacy, all under one roof.

The Cradle

Apollo Cradle

The company has introduced ‘The Cradle’, a boutique-birthing centre, which offers world-class Obstetrics and Neonatology services in a warm and personalized environment.

Apollo Wellness Plus

Apollo Wellness Centre

Apollo Hospitals launched the first Wellness Centre at Apollo Hospitals Chennai in Feb 2005. Wellness Plus is the perfect blend of modern and complementary medicine like aromatherapy, pranic healing, yoga, and meditation that fits the modern lifestyle.

Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy, a division of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd., is India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, with 4500+ Pharmacies.

Accredited with International Quality Certifications, Apollo Pharmacy offers genuine medicines round-the-clock, through the network of 24 hour pharmacies. Apollo Pharmacy also provides customer care at any time of the day.

The first Apollo Pharmacy opened in Chennai in 1983. Since then, millions of customers have been touched through the extensive pharmacy chain. The retail experience, customer-focused service and brand values make Apollo Pharmacies the preferred choice for millions.

The clear priority is to stock on entire range of pharmaceutical and medical products, and deliver them efficiently to customers. Back-up facilities are available, which help serve customers with critical medicines. The vast pharmacy network enables delivery of medicine support to customer even when they are on the move.

Apollo Global Projects Consultancy

Apollo Global Projects Consultancy

Apollo Global Projects & Consultancy Division is the consulting arm of the Apollo Hospitals Group. They are the trusted advisors to investors who aim to establish world-class healthcare facilities, and existing healthcare institutions who wish to scale up their performance. They also focus on government institutions who would like to see improved health outcomes for their people. The spread of assignments across the globe is testimony to the ability of the Consultancy group to work effectively with the ‘local’ people, respecting their social, cultural and traditional practices. The company has worked on establishing and operating healthcare facilities, spread across culturally diverse geographies – from Dutch Antilles to Bangladesh.

Apollo Global Projects & Consultancy Division provides end-to-end solutions across the healthcare spectrum-from formulating strategies in the healthcare sector, to assisting the set up of entire healthcare facilities, and operations management.

Health Hiway

Health Hiway

As Apollo Hospitals steadily ramps up its systems to increasingly support the electronic collection and exchange of patient information, the next logical aim is to operate a seamless health information superstructure. This is the ambitious ‘Health Hiway’.

The Apollo Health Hiway is a National Health Data Network, built on the internet that makes patient health information available online to healthcare providers when and where they need it.

It will link 2,00,000 doctors, to each other, to improve healthcare services, map changing disease patterns, alert the medical establishment about emerging health problems, and enable doctors to make more informed decisions. It offers healthcare commerce solutions in the form of claims submission and processing systems, and supply chain and procurement management. The objective is to empower healthcare systems in adopting technologies for effective medical, administrative and financial functions for improved delivery of patient care. All this is part of Apollo’s endeavor to touch many more lives through technology.

Apollo Telemedicine

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation

ATNF was incorporated in the year 1999, with the aim of developing the Apollo Telemedicine Network. The Apollo Telemedicine Network allows the participant sites to collaborate with institutions in the country and abroad, and provides their clientele access to better healthcare in areas not adequately served by the medical community.

Telemedicine is a potent means of harnessing tele-communication technology to deliver healthcare and education to patients in regions that are geographically less accessible. It also saves time and the cost of travel to access quality care. Apollo has pioneered the concept of tele- medicine in India and Asia, and has over 110 telemedicine centres in India and overseas.

Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation recently forged an alliance of understanding with Ericsson to harness telecommunication technology and deliver healthcare and education to patients in remote regions. This program builds on the advantages of mobile broadband applications across 18 villages, and 15 towns in rural areas. With such collaborative efforts, mobile health will soon be integrated into the healthcare delivery system, making India a healthier nation.

Breathe Eazy Clinic

Apollo Breathe Eazy Clinic

Sets up a lifelong preventive and promotional healthcare program for asthma patients, by using medical intervention and lifestyle management, thereby improving their quality of life.

The highlights of the program include:

  • Essential Asthma Management Devices
  • Drugs Pack
  • Regular Doctor Home Visit
  • Round-the-clock Call Center Access
  • Patient Education Material
  • Lifestyle Training Programs

Dialysis Cliniques

Apollo Dialysis Cliniques

Apollo Dialysis Cliniques is India’s premiere out-of-hospital dialysis brand. It aims at providing high-end dialysis services, and is designed to address specific issues that define dialysis care today. These issues include overcrowded centers, lack of integrated facilities and the absence of a clear understanding of the multitude of technical and lifestyle factors that contribute to the global definition of ‘quality dialysis’.Apollo Dialysis Cliniques is the first Indian venture that looks at aesthetics and patient comfort as much as medical expertise and timely care to treat dialysis patients. It is spearheaded by Alliance Medicorp, a joint venture by Apollo Hospitals and Trivitron Healthcare, formed specifically to address the issues faced by dialysis patients at different levels.

Sugar Clinics

Apollo Sugar Clinic

Apollo Hospitals ‘Sugar’ clinics are designed combat diabetes, as India has the highest number of diabetics. The clinics are meant for identifying pre-diabetes cases and also managing the disease for those who have tested positive. The clinic conducts a scientific screening program with necessary medical history of the person and the family. The clinics also contact the patients and follow up on their lifestyles, exercise regimen and dietary habits.

Healthy Heart Programme

Apollo Healthy Heart Programme

Changing lifestyles, high stress and a sedentary work culture are among the major contributors to rising cardiac ailments. However 50% of death & disability from cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by a combination of simple, effective efforts to reduce major CVD risk factors. This has led to the Apollo Healthy Heart Programme.

The programme is appropriate for:

  • Patients desirous of evaluation of cardiac status
  • Patients with Hypertension
  • Patients with Dyslipidemia
  • Patients with other risk factors and family history of heart disease
  • Patients with Chronic Stable Angina
  • Post rehabilitation in patients with Ischemic Heart Disease

Family Health Plan Ltd

Family Health Plan Ltd., (FHPL) is an IRDA approved, licensed agency to implement health insurance and social welfare related schemes for the people of India. Operational since 1996, FHPL has evolved as the first and one of the largest licensed Third Party Administrators (TPA). It is the first TPA in the country to be certified as ISO 9001:2000 by TUV standards for systems and processing.

FHPL has an impeccable track record, for nearly a decade, in managing health insurance schemes, for individuals and groups, in an efficient manner. As a TPA, FHPL acts as nodal agency between the insurance companies, insured member and the hospitals (provider of services) for rendering the right service, at right time, to the right person, at the right price.

FHPL has gained in-depth domain expertise in analyzing risk and requirements and thereby has assisted the insurance companies and large groups in designing suitable products for health insurance or self funded schemes.

FHPL is the first TPA to conceptualize, design and implement self funded schemes in India. With a nationwide presence through its 18 operational offices, FHPL envisages to build a future of healthcare, founded on quality, integrity and high service standards.

Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation

Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundationa

The Apollo Hospitals Group has laid a lot of importance on education and research. AHERF has been set up with the prime objective of establishing, maintaining and supporting educational and research activities. Several institutions have been set up at various Apollo locations to fulfill these objectives.

The Apollo Group runs 10 schools and colleges of Nursing, 2 institutions of Hospital Administration and a college of Physiotherapy. DNB courses are conducted at various Apollo Hospitals, in over 20 specialities including General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, etc.

The Group has been running programs to train paramedical personnel including emergency medical technicians and laboratory technicians. AHERF offers a diploma in Family Medicine and a diploma in Emer-
gency Medicine, both of which are certified by the Royal College of General Practitioners, U.K. AHERF receives online support for its pro-
grammes from Medvarsity Online Limited. Medvarsity has developed over 1500 hours of medical content in-house, that is accessible to the medical community anytime and anywhere.

Clinical trials have been projected to have the potential of becoming a US $ 1 billion industry by 2010. The Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation (AHERF) is uniquely poised to address this opportunity. FDA approvals are in place, and it provides a one-stop window service to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, national and international institutions. The Research Division of AHERF undertakes diverse projects in areas covering Basic Research, Epidemiological Research, Clinical Trials and Clinical Research. The AHERF Research Centre is being set up at Hyderabad, which would carry out research in Molecular Diagnostics, Biomarkers, Genetics and Stem Cells.

Health Knowledge City

Health Knowledge City Aragonda

As healthcare requirements escalate, the demand on resources will only increase. New initiatives like Apollo Reach Hospitals and other concerted efforts to increase the healthcare cover in India will mean that the current resource pool will have to be augmented tremendously. To add to this, rising global demand will only increase the strain on trained resources. Keeping this in mind, Apollo Hospitals is planning its advanced Knowledge City in Aragonda, Andhra Pradesh. The state-of-the-art centre is designed to train 2000 learners at one time, and will offer courses for Medical Staff, Nursing Staff, Paramedical Staff, Executives and Support Staff.

This integrated facility, will have simulation labs, classrooms, a hospital, a medical college, residential facilities, and will be looking at developing 25,000 skilled healthcare worker per year.

Nurse Station

Apollo Nurse Station

NurseStationTM is a unique initiative where an Apollo nurse is stationed at Apollo Pharmacies to assist with minor treatments and health emergencies. The objective of the NurseStationTM is to provide quick treatment in the most convenient way. The service is especially meant for the elderly who find it inconvenient to wait for long hours at clinics and hospitals for minor treatments, and frequent checkups. It is also of great help to patients who find it difficult to move out of their house and travel large distances for treatment, like pregnant women, bedridden patients and patients recuperating after a surgery. The service also monitors the status of people with chronic problems such as blood pressure, diabetes etc.

UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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