Breast Cancer

Testicular Cancer


Testicular Cancer is the cancer affecting the testicles which is a reproductive organ. It can occur at any age but is more common between the age of 20 and 40.

Risk Factors

Factors that increase the risk of primary testicular cancer include:

  • Generally, the risk factors for Testicular Cancer is unclear, however previous history of undescended..

Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptom is the presence of a lump(s) in the testes. These lumps may be noticed in the abdomen or neck as well, in patients where cancer has reached an advanced stage.


Tests and procedures used to diagnose testicular cancer include:

  • Imaging
    • Ultrasound of the scrotum – Ultrasound images are created..


Treatment modalities depend upon the stage of the disease. Most patients present with a lump in the testis at a very early stage. The most commonly used treatment option for testicular cancer is surgery.


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