Breast Cancer

Penile Cancer


Penile cancer is a cancer that arises from the male genital organ. This is a cancer usually occurring in the elderly male population and is rare.

Risk Factors

  • Tobacco use
  • Above 60 years of age
  • Certain viral infections such as HPV16 infections
  • Immuno-compromised individuals.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Changes in skin thickness or colour of the penis

  • Lump, especially on the tip of the penis
  • Non-healing ulcer
  • Bad smelling discharge underneath the foreskin
  • Lumps in the groin


  • Imaging
    • Ultrasound – It is a non-invasive scanning technique. Ultrasound images are created using sound waves and are able to gather real-time images..


  • Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of penile cancer. If the cancer is found when it’s small and hasn’t spread, the tumor can often be treated without having to remove part of the penis.


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