Robotic Onco Surgery

Robotic Onco Surgery

Robotic Onco Surgery Introduction

Surgeries for cancer were traditionally done by open surgical method. Minimally invasive techniques with laparoscopy are increasingly being adopted for cancer surgery since last decade. Robotic surgery platform is breakthrough technology making the minimally invasive surgery even better. The robotic system consists of a surgeon console and patient cart with robotic instruments.

The surgeon operates the robot from the ergonomically designed console. Surgeons uses the viewer for three dimensional vision of the operative field and with the endowrist in the console, surgeon can manipulate the instruments inside patient. Surgeon’s movement in the console is in real time translated to the instruments in the operative field by the robotic system. The instrument dexterity, precision and degree of motion is greater with robotic system compared to human hand or laparoscopic instruments.

During the entire time, the surgeon controls the robotic system and in no point it can act autonomously. Using this advanced system, the surgical procedure can be done in a safe, more precise and less invasive mode.

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