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As parents, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our newborns and spend countless nights dreaming about their future. We invest all our love and energy into ensuring their growth and well-being, and the mere thought of their pain and discomfort causes unimaginable distress. As parents, we would do anything to guarantee our children's happiness and safety, shielding them from life's challenges and hardships.

Vijayalakshmi, a mother from Kerala, shared these same hopes and aspirations for her daughter, Samyuktha, and elder son, Hariharan. However, life was not always easy for her. The mother-daughter duo's courage, determination, and unwavering will to fight against all odds are truly awe-inspiring.

In 2006, Vijayalakshmi, her husband, and her son Hariharan welcomed Samyuktha into the world, and their joy knew no bounds. Well-wishes and congratulations poured in, and Vijayalakshmi was ecstatic, especially since she had lost her mother just days before. She believed Samyuktha to be the light of hope that would fill the void left by her mother's passing. She envisioned a bright future for her family and prepared accordingly. Unfortunately, her plans were interrupted by devastating news.

When Samyuktha was just two months old, she was diagnosed with Thalasemia Major, a condition that required constant and intensive medical care. The news shattered Vijayalakshmi and her husband, as baby Samyuktha needed monthly blood transfusions to manage her hemoglobin levels and combat the severe symptoms of Thalasemia.

Despite the setback, Vijayalakshmi chose to fight back, and the monthly treatments continued. She never gave up on her quest to find the ultimate treatment for Samyuktha and learned about an advanced treatment called Bone Marrow Transplant from a television show. Samyuktha was fortunate to get a potential stem cell donor from Germany, but the massive cost of the procedure was daunting for the family. Two years later, Samyuktha finally found an Indian donor.

The two-week long chemotherapy sessions were initiated, and Samyuktha handled everything with grace. Although she did not suffer many complications or side effects, the excessive steroids caused her to gain weight, and she occasionally experienced unconsciousness. Her medical conditions and constant schedule made her vulnerable to body-shaming, but she chose to rise above it all and have a good-natured laugh at life, even though her peers and teachers lacked empathy, encouragement, and support.

Despite all the challenges, Samyuktha continued her academic journey and developed a strong and mature personality. She inherited her mother's "never-give-up" attitude, and today, she has emerged victorious against Thalasemia. She is passionate about Hollywood music and English literature, and her mother, Vijayalakshmi, encourages both her and her elder brother, Hariharan, to pursue their dreams.

Samyuktha and her family believe in making the most of the present and looking at everything from a positive perspective. Vijayalakshmi spent her childhood caring for her epileptic mother and much of her mid-life caring for her daughter. She fought and won a courageous battle against Thalasemia and has been the wind beneath Samyuktha's wings.

Unfortunately, not all Thalasemia patients are as fortunate and determined as Samyuktha. Some may lack familial support, medical and pragmatic knowledge, or the funds for proper treatment, and some may lose the battle despite having everything at their disposal.

The key to survival, sustenance, and effective treatment is the timely diagnosis, whether it is Thalasemia or any other health concern. Fortunately, there have been significant improvements in medical technology and research, and there are now more treatment options available to patients. It is crucial to spread awareness and education about these conditions and treatments and to support those who are affected by them.

Overall, Vijayalakshmi and Samyuktha's story is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and hope in overcoming adversity. Their unwavering determination and positive outlook on life serve as an inspiration to all those facing challenges in their own lives.

The team at Apollo Cancer Centre strives to transform the life of Samyuktha and many like her and bring happy tear-filled smiles to their family members' faces.

Join us in celebrating the unwavering perseverance and determination of Samyuktha and Vijayalakshmi. Let's join hands to transform lives, be humanitarian and spread joy.

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