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    Apollo Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) for Seniors Program

    Imagine waiting in a crowded clinic to see your doctor for a routine visit. To compromise on the comfortable routine of your home and travel miles in city traffic to see the doctor for just 5 or 10 minutes, as one in a few dozen patients, can be tough especially when you are a senior citizen.

    Now, imagine a geriatrician and their team coming to your home, spending ample time listening to you in the comfort of your own house. Really listening to all your concerns, health issues and challenges, and working with you on a path forward. This is what we offer you through Apollo’s Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) for Seniors Program, which has been developed by Dr. Aarthi Kannan (Geriatrician) in collaboration with Apollo Hospital Bannerghatta Road.

    A geriatrician is a super specialist who has unique training and expertise in the thorough care of senior citizens, aged 60 years and above. This service offers longer, more detailed primary care visits at home which means more time to focus on your health in a comfortable setting. Visits will be as long or short as you choose.

    Your wellness is just as important to us as treating illness and medical conditions. When there is enough time to take care of you, we can focus on keeping you as healthy, happy and independent as possible.

    Who can enroll with the Apollo Transition of Care for seniors program?

    You can enroll in the Apollo Home Based Primary Care program if you are 60 years or above, live within a 5 km radius of Apollo Bannerghatta Road Hospital and meet ANY ONE of the following criteria:

    1) If you would prefer our Geriatrician and their team to come home and meet you for your ongoing primary care
    2) If you are home-bound or find it difficult to go to the hospital/clinics for your routine primary care
    3) If you have chronic heart, lung, orthopaedic or neurological conditions and would like a to consult a geriatric specialist

    Services included in our 3-month (renewable) HBPC for seniors package:

    • 1 Geriatrician home consultation with health manager (senior nurse) for thorough assessment of your geriatric needs
    • 1 independent health manager (senior nurse) visit to check on your wellbeing and to assess for any additional nursing or medical needs
    • 1 visit from our physiotherapist to assess your strength and balance and to offer you a uniquely designed home exercise program to help you maintain your physical wellness
    • 3 home visits (once a month) from our medical social worker to provide you with ongoing psychological support
    • 3 home visits (once a month) from our pharmacist to guide you with your medication changes and to help you keep your medication list up to date as much as possible.

    What do we offer you through our HBPC for Seniors Program?

    • Holistic specialist primary care for senior citizens (aged 60 and above) for your overall health and medical conditions
    • Consultation and guidance for:-
      Decline in function
      Memory problems
      Urinary incontinence (loss of control over urination)
      General weakness after prolonged or repeated hospitalizations
      Medical conditions related to aging
    • Appropriate physical rehabilitation assessment and individually tailored physical therapy in elders for degenerative/progressive neurological ailments, dementia, age related muscle loss
    • Assessment for balance, gait, risk of falling and safety at home
    • Rehabilitative and medical interventions aimed at reducing risk of falling
    • Educating family members (caregiver education) on how to care for elderly individuals at home
    • Ongoing nutritional assessment and consultation for patients with nutritional decline/weight loss in chronic illnesses and cancer
    • Assessment and referral for other specialties and super specialties to be involved in your ongoing care as per requirement.

    Kindly note:

    The Apollo HBPC for Seniors Program does NOT provide emergency or urgent care health services, and is NOT an on-call service. Appointments are pre-scheduled at a time of mutual convenience between the patient and our HBPC team and are designed to provide non-urgent and non-emergent specialist health care through home visits. We are available on the phone between 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday to help you schedule your appointment.

    If you are experiencing a health-related emergency or have an urgent need to see a doctor, please seek care at the earliest at Apollo Bannerghatta Hospital emergency room/casualty or at an emergency room closest to you.

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