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    Reproductive Genetics

    Reproductive Genetics

    At the heart of medical advancement, reproductive genetics provides people and families with hope and solutions to overcoming genetic obstacles to conceiving, carrying, or giving birth to healthy children. Every parent hopes for their kid to grow up healthy, and the majority of newborns delivered to patients of all ages are healthy and normal. Unfortunately, there is a chance that certain pregnancies may result in genetic disorders or birth abnormalities. Any pregnant woman has a little possibility of having these issues, but in some circumstances, the risks might be higher. In the field of genetics, known as reproductive genetics, the goal is to uncover genetic causes of anomalies observed during pregnancy and/or to define risks for inheritable disorders.

    Reproductive Genetics at Apollo Hospitals

    Apollo Hospitals, well-known for providing the most advanced medical care, provides a reproductive genetics section that helps individuals and couples understand their hereditary risks and make decisions about family planning. Prenatal genetic testing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), genetic screening for infertility, and preconception genetic counselling are among the services provided by Apollo Hospitals. To empower people to make educated decisions about their reproductive options, these programs seek to uncover genetic disorders that may influence fertility, foetal development, or the health of the child.

    If you have questions regarding your pregnancy, visit us and we will work with you to diagnose problems that may impact you or your unborn child.

    When and Who Needs Genetic Counseling?

    Genetic counselling is only one component of a multidisciplinary approach to detecting birth or genetic abnormalities in the developing baby. For the purpose of providing genetic counselling, genetic screening, and diagnostic testing and services, a team comprising reproductive specialists, genetic counsellors, geneticists, and genetic counsellors usually works together. Genetic counsellors assist people and couples who are more likely to become parents to a child with a hereditary disorder or congenital disability. To ascertain the type of genetic screening or testing the patient(s) needs to have done before or during pregnancy, they thoroughly review the patient’s and their family members’ medical histories. Before getting pregnant, throughout pregnancy, or at any point during family planning, genetic counselling can be obtained.

    • Among the people who could need genetic counselling are:
    • For people or couples who have a history of genetic problems in their family, repeated miscarriages, infertility, or advanced maternal age, genetic counselling is advised.
    • Those worried about possibly passing on hereditary disorders to their offspring might also benefit from it.
    • If the maternal age is over 35 at Delivery.
    • Genetic counselling may be helpful for those who are losing pregnancies repeatedly.
    • Genetic counselling is necessary to assess potential teratogenic effects and go over methods for monitoring and managing any related genetic issues when particular medications or treatments are exposed during early pregnancy.
    • Prenatal screening or ultrasound-detected abnormalities in the foetus may reveal underlying genetic problems, necessitating genetic counselling.

    Types of Reproductive Genetics Testing

    Reproductive genetics is the study of many facets essential to comprehending and controlling genetic influences on fertility and reproductive health. Here are some key types:

    • Preconception Genetic Counseling: Before getting pregnant, individuals or couples receive guidance that evaluates their genetic risks and provides information on family planning alternatives.
    • Prenatal Genetic Testing: Pregnancy-related diagnostic testing to find chromosomal problems or genetic abnormalities in the foetus so that decisions about managing the pregnancy can be made with expertise.
    • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a procedure performed during in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to check embryos for specific genetic abnormalities before implantation, lowering the possibility that inherited diseases will be passed on to children.
    • Genetic Screening for Infertility: Assessment of genetic variables that impact reproductive function, such as chromosomal abnormalities, gene mutations, or hereditary diseases, can lead to infertility.

    Common Reproductive Genetics Disorders that We Treat

    At Apollo Hospitals, we are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of several genetic abnormalities related to reproduction, including:

    • Genetic disorders: These comprise conditions brought on by genetic alterations (mutations), such as sickle cell anaemia, Down syndrome, and other anomalies. Any area of the body is susceptible to them, and the severity of these ailments can vary from moderate to fatal.
    • Organ-related conditions: Prenatal testing can identify cardiac diseases, lung disorders (including cystic fibrosis), and issues with the developing baby’s digestive system.
    • Congenital abnormalities, also known as birth defects, can impact almost every area of the body. These include deformities of the limbs, clubfoot (a twisted or deformed foot), and cleft lip and palate.
    • Neural tube problems: These birth disorders result from improper development of the baby’s spine and spinal cord during pregnancy. The most prevalent kind of neural tube abnormality is spina bifida.

    These represent a handful of the numerous genetic disorders that may influence reproductive health and the course of pregnancy. We assist people in understanding their risk factors and investigating family planning choices through thorough genetic testing and counselling.

    What Can You Expect From Us?

    Patients may anticipate compassionate, individualised treatment at Apollo Hospitals that is customised to meet their particular needs while seeking reproductive genetic services. Usually, the procedure entails the following actions:

    • Initial Consultation: Patients share their medical history, family history, and concerns about reproductive health during their consultation with a genetic counsellor or reproductive expert.
    • Genetic Testing: Genetic testing may be advised to check for specific genetic illnesses or chromosomal abnormalities, depending on the person’s risk factors and preferences.
    • Genetic Counselling: Patients get thorough counselling on their risk factors, any family planning implications, and available alternatives for assisted reproduction or prenatal diagnosis after receiving the findings of their genetic testing.
    • Treatment Planning: Based on the results of genetic testing and counselling, a customised treatment plan is created to assist people in reaching their reproductive objectives while lowering the chance of passing on genetic illnesses to future generations.
    • Continued Support: Patients get continuous help and direction from our team of specialists during the reproductive process, guaranteeing that they feel informed and in control at each step.

    For individuals and couples navigating the complicated world of fertility and family planning, reproductive genetics is a vital resource. Choose Apollo Hospitals’ reproductive genetics services for unmatched experience and cutting-edge facilities, guaranteeing thorough assessment and individualised care for your needs. Offering advanced genetic testing, counselling, and assisted reproductive technologies, our team of genetic counsellors and specialists is committed to helping you navigate the intricacies of reproductive health and family planning. Apollo Hospitals is a reliable source of important information, advice, and support whether you’re planning a family or are pregnant.

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