3D Mapping System

3D Mapping System

The latest technology [CARTO 3 System] gives the three-dimensional view of the patient’s heart which helps the Electrophysiologist to identify the site of origin of the abnormal rhythm accurately and deliver the Radio-frequency catheter ablation therapy with high success rate.

The benefits of the curative catheter ablation therapy are mentioned below:

Better Quality of Care

Most cardiac arrhythmias can be treated and cured by catheter ablation thereby eliminating the need for life-long therapy.

Better Quality of Life

Catheter Ablation can restore the quality of life of the patient leading to a happier family life and improved productivity at workplace.

Saves Lives

Some life-threatening Ventricular Arrhythmias can be successfully treated with catheter ablation thereby providing patients with an option to live.


The overall life-cycle costs of care for the patient may be reduced due the curative nature of catheter ablation therapy. Alternative device therapies can be more than five times costlier.

Catheter ablation is considered safe and is not associated with a significant risk, so the chance of experiencing complications is low. And it is a keyhole procedure which allows the patient to get back to their work soon after the procedure.

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