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Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow has successfully performed UP’s first and country’s fifth Renal Denervation Therapy for resistant hypertension

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 14 Aug, 2023

In an extraordinary display of medical excellence, the doctors at Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow have successfully performed the country’s fifth and the state’s first Renal denervation therapy (RDN) for a 60-year-old patient with resistant hypertension for many years.

Renal Denervation Therapy (RDN) is a modern alternative to hypertension management for people who usually take 4-5 classes of drugs every day but still suffer from high blood pressure.

The 60-year-old patient consulted Dr. Gautam Swaroop, an Interventional Cardiologist at Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow on July 16, 2023. Patient was on multiple anti-hypertensive drugs, but even then, his blood pressure remained as high as 170/100. The uncontrolled hypertension of his patient made him vulnerable to heart failure and he had to be hospitalized twice in the past.

Dr. Gautam Swaroop, Interventional Cardiologist at Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow, said, “Earlier this week, the patient’s blood pressure again shot up, causing a rhythm disorder, and the patient was admitted to our hospital. During investigation, we found that the condition of resistant hypertension had also impacted his kidney function, with creatinine levels at 1.9, which is way above normal levels. Given his condition, we recommended Renal denervation therapy (RDN), which is a life-saving procedure in cases where the BP is uncontrolled even after multiple medications.”

Dr. Mayank Somani, MD and CEO, Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow, said, “Our team of doctors are adept at making crucial decisions in order to save lives using some of the latest medical techniques. Renal denervation therapy is one such therapy which is proving to a ray of hope for patients who suffer resistant hypertension.”

Hypertension is rapidly spreading among the young population in the country. At times, many people who suffer from the condition are not aware of the problem and miss their medications and fail to manage their lifestyles. This has an adverse effect on the patient’s kidneys despite taking multiple medicines. Renal denervation therapy is a hope for many such patients who suffer from resistant hypertension. The therapy is given without a cut and can be completed within 30 minutes.

Renal denervation therapy (RDN) is a procedure done with a small puncture where the catheter is navigated inside the blood vessel to the kidney and the nerves surrounding the blood vessels, known as renal nerves. The renal nerves are then ablated (heated) using the catheter, causing a reduction in blood pressure levels, and reducing the pressure on the kidney.

“Renal denervation therapy (RDN) is a 30-minute procedure that has immense benefits for people with resistant hypertension. The therapy can prevent conditions like dialysis or kidney failure, which is the result of persistently high blood pressure”, added Dr. Gautam Swaroop.

High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide, primarily due to its strong link with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease.

Renal Denervation Therapy

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14 Aug, 2023
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