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Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospitals, Lucknow performed a life-saving surgery on a 21-year-old patient with Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 10 Jul, 2019

The team of doctors at Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospitals, Lucknow successfully operated on a 21-year-old male patient who was suffering from a rare disease, Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome. Von Hippel Lindau syndrome is an inherited disorder characterized by the formation of tumours in different parts of the body. Mr. Shailesh Yadav from Kanpur (U.P.), 21-year-old, presented to the Emergency department of Apollomedics Super Speciality Hospitals, Lucknow with features of raised intracranial pressure with history of recurrent vomiting, headache, imbalance while walking for the last few days.

The patient underwent detailed evaluation and found to have a tumour in the brain suggestive of hemangioblastoma. The patient had a history of similar illness in the family due to which his father and uncle had died in the past during treatment. Further evaluation revealed additional tumour in the eye and the kidney, making it a diagnosis of Von Hippel Lindau Syndrome.

The patient underwent life-saving surgery for the brain tumour by our Team of Neurologists led by Dr. Ravi Shanker, Senior Consultant – Brain and Spine Surgeon, Craniotomy and total tumour excision was done. The patient made a good recovery after surgery and was discharged 3 days after the surgery with no neurological deficit. Today, the patient is living a normal life and is able to perform his daily activities without any support.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
10 Jul, 2019
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