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Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore provides Endovascular treatment for stroke patients, for the first time in Mysore

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 06 May, 2019

The Apollo Institute of Neurosciences has been in the forefront of treatment strategies in the field of Neurology and Neurosurgery in the city of Mysore. The Institute is the biggest Neurology and Neurosurgery unit in the Karnataka region, with three neurologists and two neurosurgeons and an interventional neuro-radiologist.

“It has to its credit a number of firsts in the treatment of neurological disorders in this city like Stroke thrombolysis, Intra-arterial thrombolysis, Botulinum Toxin therapy, Endoscopic neurosurgery, comprehensive electrophysiology lab, sleep studies to name a few. Now the latest modality of treatment of stroke has come to Mysore i.e. Endovascular Treatment of Stroke” says Dr. Somanath Vasudeva – Head of Institutes of Neurosciences, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore

Apollo BGS Hospitals presents three such stroke cases which were treated by endovascular techniques in the hospital in the last six months.

Mr. Shivakumar P., a 34-year-old male from Siddapura, Virajpet was received at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore Emergency department with sudden onset of headache and weakness of left hand on December 18, 2018. After the initial evaluation by Dr. Aumir Moin – Senior Consultant Neurologist. MRI showed a hematoma in the right side of brain – affecting the area which controls the motor power of left hand. He improved over the next few days and was discharged. A cerebral angiogram was done approximately one and half months later that showed a small arteriovenous malformation adjacent to the site of hematoma, which was the cause of intracranial bleeding. This abnormality could be treated either by open surgery or endovascular route (pinhole surgery) or by radiation. Considering the benefits, patient underwent endovascular embolization by Dr. Vinay Hegde for blocking the malformation. The malformation was completely blocked using an embolic agent. The patient is currently recovering from the procedure.

Mr. Mahesh Kumar B. A., a 25-year-old male came with a sudden onset weakness of right sided limbs and loss of speech since 2:15 pm on March 7, 2019. He reached the hospital within 2 hours and was examined by Dr. Somanath Vasudeva and an immediate MRI was done which showed an early stroke involving a part of the left half of the brain. A major vessel supplying the left brain appeared blocked. He was immediately taken to Cath lab and an angiogram of neck and brain vessels was performed and it showed a clot in the major blood vessel in the neck, a part of which had dislodged and had migrated and occluded a major branch in the brain. The clot in the brain was removed by Dr. Vinay Hegde using a device known as stent retriever and the clot in the neck was partly aspirated. He was further managed in the ICU and ward. Patient slowly recovered over few days and escaped the risk to life and avoided a major neurosurgical procedure. He is presently undergoing neuro-rehabilitation and can walk with support and is attempting to speak words.

Another stroke case, a 45 years old male from Srirangapatna was received at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore at 10:00 pm with a sudden onset weakness of left side of body and decreased responsiveness from 7:00 pm on November 25, 2018. After initial evaluation by HoD of Neurology Dr. Somanath Vasudeva, a clinical diagnosis of acute stroke was made and he was stabilized. An immediate MRI showed an early developing infarct in the right half of brain corresponding to a block in a major branch which supplies it. He was immediately taken to the cathlab by Dr. Vinay Hegde the Interventionist where the clot blocking the branch was manually removed using a device known as stent retriever. There was a significant restoration of blood flow to the brain preventing further worsening and progression of stroke. He was monitored further in the hospital and rehabilitated. Over few days, he recovered and was able to walk by himself by the time of discharge after 1 week and could speak normally. Over the next month, he recovered completely with continued neurorehabilitation. He has resumed to his work and continues to lead a normal life.

“Endovascular therapy of stroke and other vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord is the latest advancement in treatment strategies in Neurology world over. We are happy to announce that this treatment has come to Mysore and The Apollo Institute of Neurosciences has already begun treating such cases here since the last six months Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore” says Mr. N. G. Bharateesha Reddy – Vice President, Unit Head, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore.

“Advantages of this modality of treatment is the better result, reduced incidence of bleed in the brain, longer window period for treatment, reduced hospital stay, no incisions or scars. At the Apollo Institute of Neurosciences these procedures can be done at a much lesser cost compared to Bangalore. Since Mysore district caters to the neighbouring districts of Kodagu, Chamarajanagar, Hassan and Mandya the people of these districts along with Mysoreans can avail this latest treatment of Stroke and other vascular diseases of the Brain and spinal cord” says Dr. Aumir Moin – Sr. Consultant Neurologist, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
06 May, 2019
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