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Deep Brain Stimulation relieves Cervical Dystonia in Iraqi patient Mr. Ghassan Mohamad, at Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 30 Mar,2011

Mr. Ghassan Mohamad from Iraq was admitted at Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai with a type of movement disorder called Cervical Dystonia with Dysphonia. His neck was tonically turned to the left side always and affected all his activities as he had to turn around to face people, and for other activities. He had also lost his voice (dysphonia) because of the spasm of the neck muscles. He had visited many countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc., but was told no treatment is possible.

A Deep Brain Stimulation surgery was done on Mr. Ghassan Mohamad, by Dr. R. Ramnarayan, Consultant Neurosurgeon, at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai and his dystonia has been almost rectified. After programming of the stimulator his dystonia is almost gone and he is able to face forward and his voice has improved to about 60%. This is only the second such case to be done in our country. Sustained and progressive improvement is expected in over a period of time and Mr.Ghassan Mohamad would also be able to join back on his fireman job soon.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
30 Mar,2011
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