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COVID-19 Government of India Guidelines

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 28 Dec,2021

The last two years have shown us how vulnerable we are to disease and how a new disease can take root and spread so rapidly. Almost two years into the deadliest pandemic of the twenty-first century, COVID-19 has claimed millions of lives and affected billions of people worldwide. While the therapy with dexamethasone, remdesivir and tocilizumab were most promising to date, COVID-19 vaccination has also proved to be an effective tool in the fight against this pandemic.

 The Indian government is on a historic vaccination drive to inoculate as many people as possible — an effort that gained urgency with the arrival of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus that was called a ‘variant of concern’ by WHO.  

 With confirmed cases of Omicron in India slowly growing and based on the evidence that it has several mutations with high transmissibility that may trigger the third wave, the Government of India announced new guidelines and advisories.

 Now, children aged 15-18 years are eligible for vaccination. Besides, the government also released guidelines on taking ‘precaution dose’ for healthcare workers, frontline workers, and senior citizens (above 60 years) with comorbidities.

 The government also issued several other advisories, including travel advisory, COVID clinical management guidelines, FAQs on Omicron Variant, Management of Post-Covid Sequelae, etc. The following are the links from the Government of India for your reference.


COVID-19 Guidelines by Government of India:

FAQs on Omicron Variant

 Guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination of children between 15-18 years and precaution dose to healthcare workers, frontline workers & 60+ population with comorbidities

 COVID-19 Clinical Management Guidelines for Adults

 COVID-19 Clinical Management Guidelines for Children (below 18 years)

 Guidelines for International Arrival

 Algorithm: Guidelines for International Arrivals

 Management of Post-Covid Sequelae

 Genomic Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 In India

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
28 Dec,2021
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