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Apollo Medical Centre, Karapakkam, OMR performed a rare LSCS surgery on a patient suffering from Vacterl syndrome!!!

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 17 Dec,2014

The patient has been associated with the medical team over the last four years where she had undergone genetic counseling and was encouraged to get married and start a family as the chances of having a normal baby was very high.

The patient suffered from Kyphosis, had Polydactly on the hand and had also undergone surgical repositioning of stenosed anus right after her birth. Her large Sub-aortic VSD and severe Infundibular Atresia were operated in May 1999 and a Goretex closure was done through an open heart surgery. A Left sided double moiety ureter re-implantation was done in May 2000 where one of the left sided double ureter was placed near the external urinary meatus giving her incontinence of urine till 2000.

She had an uneventful pregnancy though she suffered from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and her ultrasound showed no-abnormalities as a result of a successfully performed Anal and Ureteric surgery (Lower segment Caesarean section). A female baby was delivered on 6/11/14 to the delight of the patient and her doctors.


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
17 Dec,2014
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