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Apollo Hospitals, Nashik performed a first of its kind 'Minimal Access Spinal Surgery'

Date: 19 Feb 17

This minimally invasive surgery could help patients suffering from spine problems like back pain, sciatica, neck pain and tingling numbness. "We are committed to bringing latest procedures, skill and technology for the benefit of population of Nashik and more such procedures will be introduced in future" informed Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospital.

Dr Shekhar Chirmade, Neurosurgeon, at Apollo hospitals, Nashik, elaborated on the technique, informed that spinal disorder including Lumbar Disc Prolapse, Lumbar Canal Stenosis, Cervical disc prolapse, Injury and fractures of spine frequently require surgery when medical treatment fails. Traditionally, these conditions are treated with open surgery involving long incision, cutting and removal of muscles, ligaments, and some bony parts of spine. It may also involve stabilizing the spine with plates and screws which required more cutting of muscles. All this leads to more pain, long hospital stays and delayed in return of full activity. The scarring of muscles may also lead to long-term spinal pain.

Minimal access spinal surgery also known as 'Key-hole Surgery' is advanced and innovative technique. It involves smaller skin incision and instead of cutting muscles they are split open with the help of serial dilatation with tubular retractor creating a tunnel. To reach the specific level of spine tube is inserted under X ray fluoroscopy. Once the tube is inserted surgery and decompression of nerves is performed with the help of advanced operating microscope. Spinal fixation, if required, can be performed by fixing screws percutaneously by placing a guide-wire under real time X-Ray guidance and threading the screw over it.

The minimally invasive spine surgery offers Very small incision, faster recovery, short hospital stay, no blood loss, less pain and faster return to activity. Dr Chirmade was assisted by team of Anaesthesiologists, Dr. Chetan Bhandare, Dr. Ketan Thombare and Dr. Amita Tipre.



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