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Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has collaborated with Cleveland Clinic Florida & University College London to create awareness in the management of Colorectal Diseases.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 31 Mar,2017

The Institute of Colorectal Surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai is one of the busiest colorectal units in the country. With more than 1200 colorectal procedures done every year, the major focus is on management of colon & rectal cancer. The unit offers end to end Colorectal services from treatment of hemorrhoids/piles to complex colorectal cancer.

The Institute of Colorectal Surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has collaborated with Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA & University College London, UK to create a platform for creating awareness, teaching, training & accreditation in the management of Colorectal Diseases. The aim of this collaborative is to standardize care pathways, train and accredit surgeons involved in the care of patients with colorectal diseases. This collaborative will be an ongoing one, delivering an annual colorectal event focusing on different aspects of colorectal surgery/disease with main focus on emerging and new technologies for colorectal surgery.

This consortium delivered its first Apollo International Rectal Cancer Symposium on the 1st & 2nd of April 2017. It was a two day event featuring the “Ivy League” of Surgeons and Physicians (Prof Steven Wexner USA, Prof M Berho USA, Prof Antonio Lacy Spain, Prof Gina Brown UK, Dr Richard Cohen UK & Dr Manish Chand UK) involved in Rectal Cancer Care from around the world as well as national faculty. This event will be a multidisciplinary symposium providing the participants a 360 degree view on the current trends, preoperative chemo radiation & surgical techniques in managing rectal cancer. It will help to showcase the latest advancements in managing Rectal cancer with special focus on surgical management of rectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer, one of the top three cancers across the world, is witnessing around 1.4 lakh new cases and over 6 lakh deaths globally every year. The cancer that affects the colon, rectum and part of large intestine develops to be fatal if not diagnosed at earlier stages. With increasing cases among young adults in India, experts feel that there will be an epidemic outbreak in the next 10 – 15 years.

Speaking on the causes and symptoms of Colorectal diseases, Dr. Venkatesh MuniKrishnan, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Director Apollo Colorectal Surgery, Apollo Hospitals said “One of the major causes of Colorectal cancer is due to the erratic lifestyle like consumption of junk food, red meat, smoking and alcohol coupled with pollution. With changing lifestyle habits, a lot of younger adults fall prey to colorectal cancer. However, there is a huge misconception about Piles and colorectal cancer as the symptoms is similar. People tend to ignore the symptoms through self-medication and they visit the doctor at a more complicated stage. It is always recommended to do a screening after 4 weeks of persistent symptoms to enable early diagnosis and treatment thus reducing risks of death.”

Rectal bleeding, blood in stools, constipation, diarrhoea, improper bowel movements, weight loss are all symptoms of colorectal cancer. 65% of Indian population comprises of people below the age of 35 years and among this 40% of the urban population faces these symptoms. “Women who undergo normal delivery are also prone to colorectal diseases, and the symptoms are often confused with rectal infection or fissures. It is highly recommended for the women to visit a colorectal surgeon to avoid late diagnoses and treatment as not all rectal bleedings are piles,” he adds.


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
31 Mar,2017
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