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Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore successfully performed complex liver transplant surgeries, saving the lives of two patients.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 05 Mar,2017

Considered to be the most complex and challenging surgeries in the medicine, the liver transplant performed by the team of medical experts at Apollo Hospitals saved the lives of two patients from Bijapur.

Basavaraj Maralabhavi, 46 years old and Dhanraj Pattanshetty, 42yrs had lost all hopes when they were detected with advanced stages of liver diseases. Both men faced a similar dilemma when they could not find donor-match or liver tissue within their family. Upon discussion, Dr. Mahesh S Gopasetty, Consultant and Multiorgan Transplant Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals advised them to enlist in the cadaver transplant program. Soon both the patients found appropriate tissue-match and underwent the surgery.

“Apollo Hospitals is one of the very few institutions that can perform organ transplants seamlessly. Liver transplants of this nature are highly complex surgeries but a patient suffering from liver disease needs to know that these diseases are curable and treatable. Correct information and counselling can bring hope back to people”, said Dr. Mahesh S Gopasetty, Consultant, Multiorgan Transplant Surgery, Apollo Hospitals.

Elaborating on their experience, Dhanraj Pattanshetty, Office Superintendent at Agricultural Produce Market Committee said, “I was suffering from the worst case of jaundice with increased bilirubin level for the past six years. We had almost lost all hopes of my survival but then we came to know about Apollo Hospitals and Dr Mahesh told us that we can actually find cadaveric donor liver. Thanks to the team that a major operation of this nature was conducted and I was given complete care during the process”

Majority of the people on the waiting-list for organ transplant face a long wait due to shortage and unavailability of appropriate donor-match. Herein, Apollo Hospitals, through their vast network, ensures that donated organs reach the needy in time. “Just like the heart, the liver is also prone to infection and when such organs are transplanted through cadaver-donation, it requires proper guidance, precautions and proper medication to ensure a seamless healing process. Although the risk of infection is high in such cases the team ensured that all safety measures were in place.” added Dr. Mahesh S Gopasetty.


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
05 Mar,2017
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