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Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai creates awareness against Cancer & urges people to take positive action to prevent cancer

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 03 Feb,2012


On the Occasion of World Cancer Day (February 4), Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai organized series of activities to spread cancer awareness.

Kollywood Actor & reputed Radio Jockey John Vijay inaugurated an exclusive workshop on Cancer Prevention that was organized by Apollo Cancer Institute, Chennai, where in more than 500 Participants from NGOs, Self-Help Groups, Colleges, Female Welfare Institutions participated & and took pledge to spread the message around by every possible means.

During the workshop Dr. Sankar Srinivasan, Senior Consultant, Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institute elucidated on the need of early detection and prevention of cancer.

As a part of this awareness drive free cancer screening was offered to more than 700 women. Around 1000 students from various colleges formed human chains at various points in the city, raising slogans and carrying placards. They sensitized the people to the hazardous effects of tobacco, alcohol and narcotics & the need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle & go for regular cancer screening. Pamphlets emphasizing the message of “Say no tobacco & alcohol” were also distributed to the public.

Researchers suggest that one-third of cancer deaths can be avoided through prevention, and another third through early detection and treatment. Creating awareness is the only way to make people undergo preventive health check-ups. If cancer is detected early it is easy to treat, manage the disease and also the cost of treatment reduces drastically.

On this Special Occasion, John Vijay also released the Special Issue of “Apollo Life”, which is dedicated to Cancer.

On this Apollo Life, Special Cancer Issue Dr. Preetha Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals & Editor-in-Chief, Apollo Life said, “With 8, 00,000 new cancer cases in India alone, the disease has become so rampant that I’m quite certain that all of us know of someone who has been affected with cancer, or even had a loved one suffering from it. Thus we decided to develop an exclusive edition on cancer care which covers wide-ranging topics from simple preventive measures to rare types of cancers to technological advancements in treating the disease. With this issue, we wish to reaffirm our pledge to fight harder in the battle against the adversary called cancer.”

Ms. Upasna, Publisher & Executive Editor of Apollo Life highlights the World Health Organization’s finding that early detection greatly increases the chances of successful cancer treatment, revealing that “We have developed specific Health Risk Assessment scans that can predict an individual’s risk of getting cancer. Prevention is certainly better than cure.”


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
03 Feb,2012
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