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Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru has successfully performed a high-risk surgery on a 102-year-old patient to correct a fractured neck of the left femur.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 06 Jun,2022

A High-risk surgery was successfully performed on a 102-year-old elderly patient for the first time at The Institutes of Orthopaedics, Apollo BGS Hospitals and a first for the city of Mysuru. The rare Bipolar Hip Replacement surgery was performed to correct the fractured neck of the left femur of the 102-year-old patient.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Balakrishna Gowda T. N., Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon and Head of Institutes of Orthopaedics, Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore. The patient, Mr. Srikantaiah N. was rushed to the emergency with complaints of pain in the left hip region after he had a fall at home. The patient expressed his inability to bear weight on his left lower limb. Earlier to this incident, he was active and independently performed his daily chores. On examination of his condition, it was found out that there was a fracture on the left proximal femur (fractured neck of femur).

Given his advanced age and the complications of becoming bedridden, the doctor, after discussing with his family, decided to do a modular bipolar hip arthroplasty. This surgery is similar to a total hip replacement, but it involves only half of the hip. Given the fact that elderly patients with hip fractures are prone to develop infections in the chest and urinary tract, deep vein thrombosis, bedsores, compromised cardio-pulmonary reserve and other complications, the plan was devised. The treatment aimed to make the patient walk as early as possible and avoid future complications. After careful examination of all aspects, Mr. Srikantaiah was operated on, with a hip replacement of his left hip joint. The surgery was completed in 20 minutes. Within 24 hours of performing the surgery, the patient was back on his feet.

The intra-operative and immediate post-operative period was uneventful. Dr. BKG said, “Given the patient’s advanced age, there are many risks associated with performing the surgery, which we evaluated. Devising a comprehensive management plan to overcome any possible challenges, we decided on performing the surgery on the patient for a quicker and safer recovery avoiding all possible risks. A minimal incision of 5-6 cms instead of 14-15 cms was made to avoid blood loss, and the hip replacement was carried out. Dr. Adarsh, Consultant Anaesthesiologist said “Per-operative anaesthesia was given only to the affected limb to avoid any complications. The patient responded well to the treatment and he was mobilised the next day of the surgery bearing full weight on his operated limb”. Dr. BKG further added that the “Postoperative mobilisation techniques were devised to avoid fat embolism, dislocations, re-fractures around the replacement. The patient responded well to the treatment and has recovered.”

Appreciating the surgical expertise of the doctor and fast recovery process of his father, Mr. Nanjundaswamy, 75 Years, expressed his happiness on getting his father back to his feet with lesser hospital stay of just 4 days which otherwise would take more than 15 days in other countries, as expressed by his family members living abroad.

Addressing the media with Dr. BKG, Mr. Bharateesha Reddy, Vice President and Unit Head, Apollo BGS Hospitals, informed that The Institute of Orthopaedics every year performs nearly 1300 plus surgeries out of which about 100 plus are on patients above 80 years and up to 100 years, having multiple ailments like comorbidities, lung diseases, urinary issues, cancer etc., enabling them to stay mobile and lead an normal everyday life till their natural life expectancy, who would otherwise reach the end stage much sooner. The Institute is headed by Dr. Balakrishna Gowda, a highly skilled surgeon who has performed challenging surgeries, especially among the elderly patients helping them in faster and safe recovery and giving them a new lease on life.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
06 Jun,2022
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