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Thank you for giving me a cance to live and see many other days. Apollo Cancer Centre assured me recovery and also the power to conquer cancer.

-To Dr Chirag Shah,

Your composure and assurance of great success in my treatment gave me hope and inspiration. Thank you for touching many lives, you’re doing good work.

-To Dr Geeta Patel,

You have us the motehrly love. You’re always jovial and you treated us with a lot of care and dignity. Thank you.

-To Dr Binita,

You would always call Mauketha Paul and assure us that we are okay.

-To Dr Maininan,

You were an inspiration to us.

-To Day Care Sisters Swati, Pinal, Anita and Ankita,

I am grateful for your services and great care. Great people you are!

-To the reception staff Dhaval, Pravin and Jagruati,

Your services were great and excellent. Bravo!

-Patient: Mr Mukheta Paul Mworia, Ethiopia

The service at Apollo Cancer Centre is very fast and effective. The staff have humanity and they are very out looking. They give respect to the patients and there is very loving approach by them. They are backbone of the hospital. Please continue in this way.

-Patient: Mr Gallana Nuressa Tujo, Ethiopia

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