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Kidney cancer - For malignancies arising in a single kidney, radio surgery offers a non surgical treatment.
Prostate cancer - The challenge that doctors face in treating prostate tumours with radiation therapy is that the prostate moves unpredictably as air passes through the rectum and as the bladder fills. Minimizing any large movements of the prostate can help reduce unnecessary irradiation of surrounding healthy tissue.
The CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System is able to overcome this challenge by continuously identifying the exact location of the prostate tumour throughout the course of the treatment. During CyberKnife® treatment, a patient can lie still while the doctor zeroes in on a moving target – the prostate – and irradiates it without harming surrounding areas. As a result, the procedure is more comfortable for patients, radiation is delivered more accurately and treatments can be completed in one to five days.
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