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Head and neck
Early Head & Neck cancers - As a sole modality in certain early head & neck cancer when surgery is not contemplated and long duration of conventional radio therapy is considered inconveniently time consuming. Also used as a boost to Residual disease in locally advanced head & neck cancers.
Recurrent Head & Neck cancers - CyberKnife® is increasingly being used for head and neck tumours, particularly recurrent cancers of limited size. Control of symptoms such as active bleeding or impending nerve compression is often achievable.

Every Cancer of the Nasal Fossae, or inoperable Otolaryngologic tumours where actual structures being involved is the reason why a tumour is considered
unresectable or only marginally resectable might be candidates for this treatment. With significantly less irradiation of surrounding tissues, CyberKnife® can even treat tumours conventionally considered as untreatable or already treated with conventional radiotherapy.
Chest - CyberKnife® is a sole modality in early lung cancer when surgery is not contemplated and long duration of conventional radiotherapy is not convenient. CyberKnife® treatment seems to be even more successful than conventional radiotherapy.
Metastatic Lung cancer - The lungs are unfortunately a common site of secondary spread for a wide variety of primary cancers, including colorectal cancer, upper gastrointestinal cancers, kidney cancer, sarcomas (primary soft tissue or bone cancers) and pediatric cancers.
Advanced Lung cancer - The primary treatment for more advanced lung cancer patients (stage III) usually consists of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, CyberKnife® treatment may increase the disease- free survival. Research on this is still going on though.
Recurrent Disease - It is not unusual for lung cancer to relapse following attempted curative treatment. For these recurrent cancers, CyberKnife® radiosurgery offers a new treatment alternative to patients, who have traditionally had very few remaining options, and may be considered in selected patients for symptom relief, in some cases translating to additional long-term disease-free survival.
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