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CyberKnife® with Synchrony
The Synchrony system is an additional, enhanced system that works along side the CyberKnife® System. According to Accuray (the manufacturer of CyberKnife®), the Synchrony system is the first technology in the world capable of delivering radiosurgery to tumours affected by the respiratory cycle. This includes tumours of the lungs, liver, kidney and pancreas.

Synchrony uses a complex system of cameras, motion tracking software, fibre-optic sensing technology, infrared emitters and a special tight-fitting elastic patient garment. As a patient undergoes CyberKnife® treatment the synchrony system
continually identifies patient breathing movement in conjunction with the internally placed fiducial markers and then updates the treatment delivery of the radiation beams. It means that the CyberKnife® system is always able to track the tumour in real time, thus allowing maximum precision of radiation delivery and minimum risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The majority of CyberKnife® centres around the world use Synchrony technology in conjunction with the CyberKnife® robot. Centres which only treat intracranial tumours do not need respiratory tracking and therefore may use CyberKnife® without the Synchrony system.
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