Case Study
Case Study  1 : Cerebellopontine Angle Haemangioblastoma Successfully Treated
with CyberKnife
®  >>
Case Study  2 : CyberKnife®  for Hypothalamic Hamartoma  >>
Case Study  3 :
Breast Carcinoma with Lung Metastasis
Case Study  4 :
Rectal Carcinoma with Lung Metastasis
Case Study  5 :
Breast Carcinoma with Spine Metastasis
Case Study  6 : CyberKnife® for Inoperable Cholangiocarcinoma  >>
Case Study  7 :
Breast Carcinoma with Solitary Liver Metastasis
Case Study  8 :
Lung Cancer Treated
with CyberKnife
®  >>
Case Study 9 :
Cyberknife in Prostate cancer
Case Study 5 : Breast Carcinoma with Spine Metastasis
Hypofractionated Radiation

A 50-year-old female foreign patient who was diagnosed with a right breast carcinoma 1 year ago reported to Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital. Earlier, the patient was treated with breast-conserving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, following the diagnosis. The patient was clinically stable postsurgery for a period of 7 months. However, later she developed pain in the back, which hampered her day-to-day activities.

The patient underwent PET scan and was diagnosed with vertebral bone metastasis in L1-L2 region. She was treated with alternate medicine for relieving the pain. However, the patient did not report any improvement in the pain and was prescribed analgesics (morphine). The patient corresponded with Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital for CyberKnife® surgery. In Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital the patient underwent CyberKnife® method with 27Gy radiation dosage in five fractions completed in 1 week. Following the CyberKnife® surgery, the patient reported significant reduction in the pain.

Thus, the dosage of the analgesic was reduced.
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