Value Added Services


We strive to constantly meet all your health care requirements. Here is a collection of unique value added services that we offer to you. We hope they prove beneficial to you!


All online appointments can be booked from Apollo edoc website.

For immediate appointment (within 1 hour), call our health lines 6600 1066, Ahmedabad 6670 1880, Kolkata 6450 0844.

Apollo Prism

Apollo Prism is a patient-controlled Personal Health Record with which the users can import and manage health records created during various doctor visits and can also access their online health record and medical reports anytime and anywhere.

Apollo Telemedicine

Telemedicine brings healthcare within reach of population residing in medically inaccessible areas. They will also be able to share their medical reports and images to ensure an all round investigation and an accurate diagnosis . Doctors can get in touch with their peers to discuss complicated cases or to get specialized help remotely.

B positive

BPositive, a health and lifestyle magazine, initiated by Apollo Hospitals Group, was launched in 2008. B Positive conforms to the mission of empowering the people to conquer the world with a positive attitude, by creating awareness about health.

Sunshine store

Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, Chennai has launched a special "Sunshine Store" - a retail outlet catering to the needs of cancer patients. It has products like wigs, prosthesis, pressure garments, cds, scarves and innerwear that would make the journey to better health just that much easier.

Apollo - Aircel Mobile Health Care

Aircel customers can call 55104 from their mobile and talk to Health Experts from Apollo for any health related queries and get interim relief for life's little health urgencies - anytime, anywhere and for anyone!!!

Apollo Lifeline

Lifeline is accessible and is capable of meeting consumer queries on all possible aspects. It is an iterative process and is constantly upgrading the capabilities. Apart from voice calls, the unit will be the one-point contact for emails and fax as well.

Apollo Lifeline National Number : 1860 - 500 - 1066

Apollo Lifeline International Number : 0091 - 404 - 344 - 1066

Apollo Sugar Clinic

Diabetes is not a disease it's a way of life!

The concept of "Sugar Clinics" is an effort on behalf of Apollo Group of Hospitals to increase awareness on diabetes and provide world class care within your reach. The health care team at our "Sugar Clinic" will provide you with the best insights in handling diabetes.

Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy, a patient community platform is an online initiative of Apollo Hospitals where you can bond with other patients and caregivers for information, remedies and guidance. The community currently features Orthopedics, Diabetes and Child Care.

Virtual ICU Visit

'I _ SEE _ YOU' technology helps relatives virtually visit the patients who are in the ICU. Doctors can also monitor from a remote location to check on the patients.

Apollo WHITE Dental Spa

Apollo WHITE Dental Spa is a one-of-a-kind 7-star dental spa in India that brings you world-class dental care and top of the line indulgences under one roof. On board are the best doctors and cutting-edge equipment that come together in a luxurious, sophisticated, and calm ambience to make you feel special.

The Healing Card

The Healing Card - The gift that shows you care Your loved one's have always been there for you and gone to great lengths when you needed them to. Now here's something you can do to show how much you care about them. Gift your loved one "The Healing Card" from selected Apollo Hospitals and Apollo Pharmacies.


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