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  • centres in India on global trial for drug-eluting bio-resorbable stents. Apollo is one of them.

  • JCIA accredited hospitals

  • NABH accredited hospitals

  • World Class Heart Institutes

  • liver transplantations in under 4 years at Apollo Chennai’s Center for Liver Disease

  • liver transplants performed by Apollo Delhi

  • The liver transplant team at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai completed 200 liver transplants

  • The Apollo Hospitals, Chennai completed over 450 robot-assisted surgeries

  • Reached over 500 Bone Marrow Transplants

  • Crossed over 600 Robotic Surgeries till date

  • Apollo Health City has performed 700th Cochlear implant surgery and reached a new milestone in the history of aiding hearing impaired in Andhra Pradesh

  • First program to complete 800 Liver transplants

  • The Apollo Hospitals Group has completed over 1000 robot-assisted surgeries

  • patients successfully treated through exultant Micro vascular free tissue transfer and Aesthetic surgeries

  • Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Chennai successfully completes 1000 CYBERKNIFE Radio Surgeries

  • solid organ transplants in one year

  • Kidney Transplants performed

  • Completed over 10,000 Joint Replacement Surgeries

  • Coronary Angioplasties done till 2013, 10,000 Joint Replacements performed and 10,000 Neurosurgeries performed per year

  • Crossed over 1, 30, 000 Heart Surgeries with incredible success rates

  • major surgeries performed and counting

  • minor surgical procedures performed

  • Performed over 8 Million Preventive Health Checks so far

  • Treated over 30 Million Patients till date and many more to our credits

  • Apollo Health City, Hyderabad performed the First bilateral (on both the knees) revolutionary Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement (Resurface) Surgery (MIKRS) using OrthoGlide Medial Knee system

  • Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad performed the first coronary angioplasty in India using absorb fully absorbable stent-bioresorbable vascular scaffold (absorb-BVS) - 2012

  • Apollo Health City Hyderabad commenced Robotic Procedures during April to June 2012, in the specialities of Gynecology & Urology

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals New Delhi commenced Robotic Surgery in the specialities of Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery and Bariatric Surgery, during April to June 2012

  • Pediatric Surgeons at Apollo Children’s Hospital Chennai evolve their own standardized techniques for valve repair, April to June 2012

  • Stealth Surgery, a subcutaneous endoscopic surgery which addresses concerns related to scarring was performed at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai

  • Pioneered open heart surgeries and cardiac catheterization, in the early 80’s

  • Introduced cutting edge procedures like off-pump and beating-heart surgery, either by thoracotomy or classical sternotomy, trans-radial angioplasty and stenting, mitral valve replacement.

  • First donor incompatible kidney transplant performed at Apollo Hospitals Chennai using technique of Column adsorption of blood group antibodies

  • First American underwent a successful Heart Transplant at Chennai’s Apollo Hospitals and he was also the oldest person to undergo a heart transplant in the country

  • Apollo Bramwell Hospital Mauritius in conjunction with Global Biohealth Solutions, launched the Apollo Bramwell Stem Cell Therapy Program

  • World's 1st iPod Navigation Hip Resurfacing Surgery was successfully performed at Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai

  • Latest M guard stent technology, a specially designed Mesh covered stent, was used to save a 27 year old man from an acute heart attack ! Apollo Hospital first to introduce the technology in Chennai !

  • Apollo performed an unprecedented revolution in orthopedics by equalizing limbs and deformity correction by the llizarov procedure

  • In 1995, Apollo Hospitals performed its first Bone Marrow Transplantation, as well as the first multi organ transplant in the country

  • Apollo Gleneagles Cancer Hospital Launches Eastern India's first dedicated comprehensive Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

  • Largest series of aortic valve replacement with stentless heart valve bioprosthesis performed.

  • First private healthcare provider to perform a heart transplant in 1995

  • By 1992, Apollo Hospitals introduced Artery Stenting for the first time in India

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has also completed over 500 liver transplants in February, 2011

  • An 8 year old Omani child with aortoarteritis, uncontrollable hypertension with impending kidney failure and intestinal gangrene was successfully treated by vascular reconstructive surgery at Apollo hospitals Chennai.

  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai treated the double-lung transplantation for Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) genetic condition which is the first case in India and second in the world. HPS results from mutations in one of seven different genes.


  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals is the first hospital in India to perform 500 liver transplants on Pakistani patients
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  • Children's Vacation Health Check at Chennai!
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  • World Health Day Campaign - Chennai
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  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai performs the first simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas transplant in South India
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  • Apollo Hospitals Group completes over 1000 robot-assisted surgeries!
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  • Apollo releases Patient Safety Declaration!
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  • The Apollo Life Center launched in Chennai!
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